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Flynn is a passionate and engaging storyteller and communicator who speaks to audiences and communities around the world. Flynn takes requests to speak at events large and small, and has given talks everywhere from Mongolian yurts and start-up offices to global universities (like Yale, Stanford, Georgetown, King's College London, London School of Economics and Political Science, Boston University, New York University, West Virginia University, University of North Carolina, and UC Berkeley), to TED stages, co-working spaces, film festivals, bookstores, private farmhouses, large corporations, law firms, boutiques, grand ballrooms, conference venues, and symphony halls. 

Some of her most requested topics include:

  • The Future of Humanity, Technology, and Social Impact
  • Storytelling: Why Your Voice Matters and How to Find Your Story
  • Changing the World: Social Good and Making a Difference
  • Travel and Adventure for Good
  • The Intersection of Success and Social Impact
  • Social Enterprise, Social Innovation, and Social Activism
  • Redefining Success: Finding Your Purpose and Owning Your Story
  • Ethical Fashion, Sustainable Business, and Social Justice
  • Innovation, Technology, Human Rights, and Social Enterprise
  • The Future of Work, Artificial Intelligence, and Purpose
  • Human Rights Work in the 21st Century
  • The American Dream and Global Citizenship
  • Reimagining What It Means to be Human in the Intelligent Machine Age

*We are happy to discuss any bespoke idea you have in mind for your audience and we thoughtfully review every speaking request we receive.



"Flynn's talks (those I have attended include one on social justice and one on the impact of rapidly developing artificial intelligence) are accessible yet intellectual, and deeply energizing and engaging. She brings her topics to life for the audience with humor, empathy, and an array of references to current events, history, and arts and culture. Some in the audiences I was part of were already knowledgeable about the topics, and some were new to the ideas she presented, but she brought new perspectives on the issues for everyone. She is a creative thinker who helps her audience challenge their assumptions and share her passion and curiosity." - G.C.

"Flynn is a wonderful speaker and an equally wonderful listener, who truly values the flow between teacher and students. She has an endless store of energy and insights to share, which is picked up by everyone else in the room. She also has a remarkable ability to bring people together--in the talk I attended, she found the commonalities among our disparate backgrounds and professional interests and facilitated an incredible exchange of thoughts and experiences between us. It was inspiring and energizing both on personal and professional levels." - Genevieve

“Flynn Coleman has an incredible gift for distilling complex, ancient teachings and making them accessible and relevant to today’s demanding, fast-paced and often chaotic professional life.” - Adele B.

"Flynn's speaking style was a true revelation – engaging and intelligent material well presented. It was refreshing, unique, and inspirational. I walked away inspired and motivated. I was with a remarkable group and Flynn showed us that we all have a story to tell, why it matters and how finding it can positively impact our lives. It was an incredible experience." - T.C.

"If you have listened to Flynn Coleman talk, either in person or in her public speaking engagements, her passion to educate and to motivate is self-evident. There is no doubt that what she has to say will inhabit your thoughts and expand your consciousness of the world around you. Her ability to glean material from a myriad of sources and to share it in a comprehensive and provocative manner is an experience that will take you on a thoughtful journey of what is meaningful and relevant to our planet's future." - R.C.

"Incredibly talented speakers like Flynn Coleman have the ability to break down complicated topics like Artificial Intelligence in a way that let's us ALL understand! We were blown away by the knowledge she's shared at Plywood Presents and now those smart machines make a lot more sense!" - Plywood Presents

*Read more testimonials about her workshops, classes, and consulting and see some of her films.

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