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Thriving in Our Technological Future

The Intelligent Machine Age is upon us. We are becoming irreversibly reliant on computers and algorithms, cognitively offloading tasks, problem-solving, and learning at a rapid rate. In this interactive workshop, Flynn will walk us through how we can thrive as teams, organizations, and as humans as we move into our brave new technological world. Based on ideas from Flynn's work and book, A HUMAN ALGORITHM, we'll examine how we can build a more humane future and move more conscientiously into a new frontier of our own design. Delving into themes from literature and philosophy, to mindfulness and psychology, to behavioral economics and ethics, we'll experiment with a variety of ways to tap into our innate creativity and imagination, exploring our hopes and fears about technology, its grand promises and potential dangers. And we'll come away with transformative tools and action items to help us flourish in our careers, our communities, and our lives.

storytelling: why your voice matters and how to find your story

Storytelling is a critical skill in today's information landscape, and is our most powerful tool for sharing our vision and connecting with ourselves and others. We'll explore themes from literature and philosophy, to mindfulness and psychology, to poetry, science, and creative writing, experimenting with a variety of techniques and ways to tap into our innate creativity and ability to tell our stories, whether we want to innovate a new idea, spread the word about our organization's values, roll out a new project, or simply spark our imagination. 


redefining success: finding your purpose and owning your story

We'll look at the metrics we traditionally use to define what we want in our jobs and in our lives. We'll talk about money, status, and what success really looks like. We'll talk about dream jobs and dream lives, and what that means for us. We'll look at the history and cultural meaning of success, drawing on concepts from philosophy and psychology to business and history, literature and neuroscience to mindfulness and art, sociology, and political thought. We'll dive into what success might mean for you, and what gets in the way. We'll flesh out what success is supposed to look like, what it really looks like, and what we want for ourselves. We'll finish with actionable steps and realistic, practical tools for making this happen in your work and life.


changing the world: social impact and making a difference

We'll look at ideas about making a difference in the digital age, innovation, technologies, and solutions that change the world, and how to triumph over the obstacles to achieving them. This workshop will give you the context, practical tools, and the grand vision to truly have an impact in the world. We'll draw on ideas from such themes as history, psychology, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, art, literature, history, philosophy, design, and economics, to unwrap our ideas about changing the world. We'll look at what gets in the way, and how to move past these challenges. From finding support, to learning about others' stories, to finding our values and purpose, we'll flesh about our projects, put them into action, and plan where to go from there. 


the art of conversation + Communication

In this workshop, we'll explore the art and science of communication and conversation, and how to become the great communicators and conversationalists we aspire to be. From how to bridge the divide with people we disagree with, to how to persuade others to join our cause, we'll discover tools, techniques to connect with anyone, anytime, anywhere. We'll look at the history and purpose of communication, drawing on concepts from philosophy and psychology to business and economics, poetry and neuroscience to decision-making theory, sociology, and political thought. We'll explore what gets in the way of communication, and how to move past it. We'll finish with actionable steps and realistic, practical tools for mastering the art of conversation and communication.


creative mindfulness 

In this workshop, we'll experiment with a variety of modalities designed to ignite creativity and inspiration through meditation and mindfulness. we'll take a playful and exploratory approach to learning about how tools like meditation can be powerfully transformative in our lives and work. this workshop will be tailored to your goals and group, and may consist of meditation and creative mindfulness techniques from various traditions and schools of thought. it will be a new way of looking at mindfulness that feels fresh, approachable, fun, and positively impactful for all aspects of your life.

creativity, design, and culture

This interdisciplinary workshop explores the intersection of creativity, design, and culture. Using a variety of modalities, from media and art history, to happiness economics and systems thinking, to mindfulness and creative writing, we'll chart a path of innovative discovery and cross-cultural understanding. We’ll experiment with a myriad of ways to tap into our creativity and find new ways to tell our collective stories.

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