curriculum and workshop design

Looking for an enriching, inspiring, and impactful course or workshop you can teach to your audience? 

We create curricula on a variety of topics for a variety of institutions and clients, from organizations and companies to teachers and universities. We design and license innovative and dynamic courses, workshops, and other curriculums, that will be tailored specifically for you, on such topics as:

  • human rights, tech, and design

  • social innovation, technology, and social impact

  • storytelling

  • impact investing and social entrepreneurship

  • ethics, empathy, and leadership

  • design, creativity, and social change

  • happiness economics/behavioral science

  • creativity, imagination, and innovation

  • redefining success

  • creative mindfulness in modern life

  • human rights work in the 21st century

  • finding your purpose in social activism

  • equality, inclusion, and diversity

  • changing the world and making a difference

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